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We offer comprehensive, customised strategies for industrial vermicomposting of organic waste including:
  • Organic waste from offices, schools and kindergartens including paper towels
  • Canteen and paper waste from hotels, restaurants and businesses
  • Fibrous waste from pulp and paper mills
  • Sludge from dairy and cheese plants
  • Organic waste from food processing industries
  • Digestate from anaerobic digestors  
  • Biosolids / sewage sludge
Volumes from as little as a few hands-full to as much as several truck loads per day can be upcycled to vermicast either on-site or at centralised vermicomposting operations. Where required we combine assorted organic waste, such as paper waste, with organic waste from food processing industries and agriculture.
We prefer working in partnership with farmers and local government.
In comparison with conventional thermal composting, vermicomposting is more cost effective and supports the environment. Because compost worms are able to process wet organic matter, energy consuming pre-drying of organic waste is not required. A volume reduction of up to 80% from organic waste to vermicast is saving transportation costs and leaves a lower carbon footprint.
MyNOKE’s high quality vermicast is easy to handle and is generating a strong demand from intensive farming operations, horticulture and nurseries. Vermicast is used in landscaping, recreational areas, gardens, and for potting mixes.  Because using vermicast means application of additional mineral fertiliser is reduced or not required, the soil’s natural fertility is increased and the groundwater is protected.
At MyNOKE we encourage projects for in-situ amelioration and decontamination of soil using earthworms. They provide a natural and cost-effective process for decontaminating soil and while this will take some time, it avoids depositing soil in landfills or treating with chemicals.
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