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We take care of your organic waste including:


  • Farm manure (dung and dewatered sludge)

  • Plant and fruit waste

  • Dewatered digestate from anaerobic digestors

  • Organic waste from cities and industries


This organic waste is recycled at vermicomposting sites (worm farms) into high quality vermicast. We are specialists in custom designing worm farms for vermicomposting your organic waste to suit your business.



Vermicomposting is cost-effective, improves the soil and is environmentally friendly. The produced vermicast can be applied to farmland, used in horticulture, glasshouses, and nurseries and is used in potting mixes to boost plant growth. In addition, should a nutrient surplus be produced and resource consent compliance exceeded, vermicast can be sold and produce extra income at farm level.


Our mission is to assist you in activating the life of your soil with the aim of increasing both humus content and biological activity. Where crop rotation and soil management do not contribute to the sustainable reproduction of soil humus, vermicast and earthworms can improve soil fertility and soil function.

Please let us know if you have any questions or require more information!

Strategies for

Agriculture and Horticulture 

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