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Über MyNoke

Our focus at MyNoke is to upcycle organic waste with the help of compost worms. The resulting vermicast is used to enrich and benefit the land.

We launched in 2007 with 20 buckets of compost worms and some 2,000 tonnes of organic waste. Today we are specialists in commercial vermicomposting.


We are offering a natural system of upcycling which is effective, cost-efficient and popular. We are providing one simple solution for everyone: households, farms, schools, medium size to multinational enterprises are all choosing vermicomposting.

Our largest operation has a footprint of 25 ha and is processing up to 70,000 tonnes of organic waste per year. This year, in total, our worm farms will convert more than 150,000 tonnes of organic waste into 35,000 tonnes of vermicast. To achieve this, more than 2.5 billion compost worms are helping us, day and night.

Michael Quintern's TEDx Talk:

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